How Can I Apply?

DBVTC maintain an open enrollment policy for all students. We offer admissions to all passionate students who want to pursue their interest in any of our short courses regardless of their grades.

The following are the basic requirements you need to bring with you on or before the first day of your class
  1. The cost of the form is SSP 150.
  2. Please quote the form No. for all communications.
  3. Date of interview in November every year
  4. Please bring with you: 1) Original Certificate. 2) National ID. 3) Pen for the Interview.
  5. Return the duly filled form on the or before 2020.
  6. Please attach 2 passport photos and copy of the certificate completed with the form.
  7. Eligible age for admission is between 15 and 25 years.
  8. Choose any three trade and you will be given one trade and fees is SSP 8000 per year.

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