Don Bosco Vocational Training Centre (DBVTC) is a technical school run by the Salesians of Don Bosco, a religious congregation in the Catholic Church. DBVTC began in 2000, initially catered to the educational needs of the increasing number of dropouts and those opted for technical training. 

In addition to such non formal courses DBVTC runs regular courses, approved by the Government; Ministry of Labour, Public Service & HRD for those finished primary education. DBVTC through technical education offers a secure, brighter and a better future for the person and contributes to the peace and progress. DBVTC also offers tailor made courses as per request.


John Bosco was born in Italy in the year 1815. His father died when he was two year old. His mother Margaret had to work hard to take care of Johnny and his two brothers and their grandmother. They soon learnt to put up with the difficulties of life but grew up in strong dependence on God and sound Christian faith.

They soon learnt to put up with the difficulties of life but grew up in strong dependence on God and sound Christian faith. Johnny pursued his dream of becoming a priest and arrived at this goal in 1841. After becoming a priest, with his great enthusiasm and interest in the poor and abandoned youth, he began to care for them, taking care of their problems and difficulties. He gathered them on a regular basis, at the oratory. Gradually, the number of boys at his oratory began to grow and he eventually began schools, technical Training centers and boarding to help young people.

With the help of neighbours and other volunteers, John Bosco began to reach out to more youngsters in and around the region. His educational method was more of the heart than of the mind, that based itself on reason, religion and loving kindness. He began a system of education that prevented the mistakes and wrong-doings, rather than the repressive system. Proving his educational system as more effective than any other conventional methods, youngsters began to flock to his oratories. Don Bosco died in 1888 leaving behind a rich heritage and effective educational method. His followers were called Salesians of Don Bosco (SDB). Today the Salesians are working in more than 130 countries, oratories, universities, colleges, schools, technical centers, media centers, centers for young at risk and such youth friendly programmes.

Salesians of Don Bosco

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